For Therapists – Join Us

Are you a licensed, insured therapist, willing to offer a minimum of ONE HOUR of compassionate listening?  If so, please reach out:

* Compassionate listening does not constitute formal psychotherapy. This first hour of compassionate listening is not a diagnostic assessment to begin psychotherapy services. Therapists may assess for life-threatening mental and emotional states; if warranted, therapists may offer additional free hours of compassionate listening, or formalized therapy for-pay, or refer to 911 if severe.

Disclaimer: The connections are made on an as-needed basis as they come in. Please effectively pursue scheduling your own appointment, communicating your time zone and the ways you are able to meet, whether by phone or online video chat. There are no guarantees of referrals in your own state, or any income to be gained as a result of volunteering. If clinician pursues a formalized provider-patient relationship with someone in need, from this website, clinician assumes personal and professional responsibility to provide informed consent, and provide a method by which to meet consistently according to the healthcare standards and bylaws instituted by their governing State Board for their license(s). In a spirit of charity and faith, please do consider discounting the rate of your services, as a thank you to those who do pursue therapeutic services with you. This site, Karis Wong, and Counselor Park do not benefit financially in any way, for providing a connection, nor does we assume any liability.

DISCLAIMER: Counselor Park, Karis Wong and WordPress expressly disclaim all warranties and responsibilities of any kind, whether express or implied, for the accuracy or reliability of the content of any information contained in this site, and for the suitability, results, effectiveness or fitness for any particular purpose of the content. You are solely responsible for your use or reliance on such information and any foreseeable or unforeseeable consequences arising out of such use or reliance. In no event will Counselor Park or Karis Wong or WordPress be liable for any damages resulting from the use of or inability to use, the content, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or other legal theory, and whether or not Counselor Park or or Karis Wong WordPress is/are advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will Counselor Park’s and Karis Wong’s and WordPress’s aggregate liability exceed U.S. $0.00.

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