Directory of Christian Therapists

Please note: Therapists who are offering up to 4 FREE HOURS of therapy for FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE WORKERS and FIRST RESPONDERS ONLY, of any worldview, are indicated by Asterisk and Bold Type
Please note: Therapists who are specialists in evidence-based trauma therapies are noted by Asterisk *

Please note: All therapists in this directory are open to seeing New Clients or Patients of Any Worldview

COVID19 has changed the global landscape of how we interact and do life in the community. Many are having very complex emotions, thoughts, and spiritual experiences in response to the major changes experienced. If you are wondering whether therapy may be right for you, please take any of these quizzes (click here).

The Christian therapists on this page are listed according to their states and countries. Therapists who are specially trained in modalities optimal for trauma treatment, are indicated with an asterix (*) with the modality named in parentheses.

Informed Consent: Each therapist is solely responsible for providing you with their own informed consent, policies and procedures, and psychoeducation on how their services operate. Neither this site nor Counselor Park receive any payment for services rendered by Christian therapists listed on this directory. Counselor Park has neither responsibility nor liability for the conversations and interactions that occur between users of this directory page, and the listed professionals. Please read the terms and conditions before accessing the directory below.


Lagos, Nigeria

  • Uchechi Chukwuma (*Offering up to 4 free hours), email here

Arizona, USA

California, USA

Colorado, USA

District of Columbia, USA

Florida, USA

Indiana, USA

Iowa, USA

Kentucky, USA

Louisiana, USA

  • Beverly Hulbin (*Offering up to 4 free hours, EMDR) email here

Maryland, USA

Michigan, USA

Minnesota, USA

Claribel Severson (*Offering up to 4 free hours, EMDR), email here, website here

Missouri, USA

Nebraska, USA

New York, USA

Ohio, USA

Oklahoma, USA

  • Shaylee Hale (*Offering up to 4 free hours, Mental Health 1st Aid, TF-CBT, RRT), email here

Texas, USA

Virginia, USA

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