How It Works

Everything we are doing on this website, flows from our core values of faith, hope, and love. These three pillars guide the process here:

First: We understand that in these uncertain times, as we navigate uncharted terrain together, we absolutely must remember who we are, in the Lord our God. With faith, we are partnering with other Christians to pray for you and ourselves. You are welcome to submit your prayer concerns on our page. We promise that someone will pray for your concerns within 24 hours, whether the prayer partner is only one person, or our entire team of volunteers.

Second: As trauma-informed licensed professional counselors, pastors, and chaplains, we understand that therapy can be cost-prohibitive as your circumstances may be altering due to CoVID19’s effects on your life. Out of the hope and trust we have that God provides for all our needs, Christian therapists have voiced a desire to make therapy accessible. Many of them have offered to give up to 4 free sessions for frontline workers and first responders ONLY–frontline workers and first responders are welcome, of any worldview; ALL of them are open to providing therapeutic sessions to new clients or patients of any worldview–some are amenable to providing reduced fees.

To view our directory of such Christian therapists: Please click here to view the directory page.

To view our directory of Christian chaplains and pastors offering compassionate listening and prayer: Please click here to view the directory page.

Please note, we have no legal or commercial relationship with those listed on our directory page. Please do your own research on the professionals you reach out to, and do feel free to inquire whether you may have a mutual-interview or -consultation to see whether there is a good fit.

Third: From a spirit of charity and its close and greater cousin, love, we are inviting Christians to join in prayer over the submitted prayer topics and intentions, so we can faithfully pray for our neighbors in this country and in the world, who are suffering and impacted by CoVID19 and other health crises. Praying Christians are welcome to join our team by clicking here.

“When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

Psalm 94:19
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