About The Founder

Ellice has been in practice as a licensed professional counselor for 5 years, and prior to that provided pastoral care and guidance for 7 years. She specializes in trauma and grief counseling that is focused on reconnecting the brain, body and spirit together; she approaches her work from relational, artistic, and evidence-based methods.

She deeply identifies with all who suffer traumatic grief and displacement: She has family members who were martyred in N. Korea for Christian faith, who escaped and then served in both the S. Korean and U.S. military, who work as healthcare professionals, and who work as pastors. She understands how vital it is to help our helpers when tragedy strikes, and when pandemics spread, by supporting one another in practical ways, and by praying, in times of great suffering. Out of this personal knowing, she created this resource page for COVID19 healthcare professionals, front responders, others on the front line, with an immediate way to submit their prayer requests, look for Christian trauma-specialist therapists for support.

After reaching out to to her amazing colleagues all over the U.S., she gathered trauma-specialist therapists, chaplains and pastors, who demonstrated a sincere desire to help the community. Many Christian professionals indicated their desire to be a safe place or person for other Christian front-linen workers to connect with. And, many nonChristian trauma-specialists also indicated a sincere desire to be a safe person for any front-line worker to connect with. It is their shared desire to be available as a supportive emotional, mental, and spiritual resource, to our heroes on the front lines. The demonstration of everyone’s huge hearts, along with Ellice’s personal motivation to help, led to creating two directories: This website’s directory of Christian therapists, chaplains and pastors; and a second free directory of trauma-specialist therapists, irrespective of their spiritual/religious worldview. (URL’s: https://christianprayerandlistening.com/directory-of-christian-therapists/; https://counselingcarecircle.com/covid19-therapist-directory/).

Ellice works hard to help each individual overcome and continue in a powerful forward-movement in their lives. She lives, works and does community in Columbus, Ohio. For more information about her practice, please visit www.counselorpark.com, or www.counselingcarecircle.com.

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